Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 User Manual PDF File

Here is the Official Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 User Manual in English (aka User Guide, Owner Manual, instruction Manual). This user manual comes in PDF format.

So after downloading this file you need to use Adobe Acrobat Reader to open it. Or any other software or application that supports the PDF file extension.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 User Manual Contents:

The Galaxy Watch user manual contains a lot of useful information about how to set up and use your device to benefit from all its features.

Here are some of what you will learn by reading this user manual:

The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 layout: to know more about the keys and sensors of your Samsung Smartwatch (Home Key, Back Key, Speaker, NFC Antenna, Light Sensor, Microphone, Heart rate sensor, …etc).
How to charge the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 battery using the wireless charger, And the wireless power-sharing feature.
Battery charging tips and precautions.
How to wear the Galaxy Watch correctly, And Band tips and precautions.
Turning the Galaxy Watch on and off.
Connecting the Galaxy Watch to a smartphone, And Installing the Galaxy Wearable app.
Controlling the screen: Bezel, Touchscreen, Screen composition, Turning the screen on and off, Switching the screen, Lock screen, Changing the watch face.
Checking the indicator icons and a list of quick setting icons and their meaning.
Viewing the incoming notifications, Selecting apps for receiving notifications.
Samsung Health: Checking your daily activity, Setting the daily activity target, Measuring your step count, Measuring your sleep, Measure and record your heart rate, Measuring your stress level manually, Measure your blood’s oxygen level, Recording the calories.
Precautions for measuring blood pressure and ECG.
Controlling the music player and video player.
Importing images from your smartphone, And Exporting images to your smartphone.
Sending an SOS request when you are hurt from a fall.
Making payments with the NFC feature.
How to Force restart and Factory Reset the Galaxy Watch Active2.
How to Troubleshoot the Samsung Galaxy Watch before contacting a Samsung Service Center.

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