Honeywell CT53K1006/E1 Thermostat

Download here the User Manual for the Honeywell CT53K1006/E1 Thermostat, So you can learn how to Operate and Troubleshoot this Device correctly.

About This User Manual:

  • Product’s Brand: Honeywell.
  • Product Type: Standard Millivolt Heat Manual Thermostat.
  • Product Model Number: CT53K1006/E1.
  • Manual’s File Type: PDF File.
  • Manual Pages: 16 Pages.
  • Manual’s Main Sections:
    • Getting started.
    • Remove your old thermostat.
    • Label wires and remove old wallplate.
    • Mark mounting position.
    • Mount thermostat base.
    • Connect wires.
    • Set fan operation switch.
    • Set heat anticipator.
    • Finish installation.
    • Operation.
Honeywell CT53K1006/E1 Thermostat User Manual Download Link.

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