Apple MacBook Air M1 2020 User Manual / User Guide

Here is the Apple MacBook Air M1 2020 English User Manual / User Guide (also known as the MacBook Air Owner Manual or instruction Manual).

The MacBook Air M1 2020 user manual will help you Set up and use your MacBook Air correctly, And benefit from all its new and great features. Also, it will show you how to Backup and Restore your saved data safely.

Apple MacBook Air M1 2020 User Manual / User Guide Contents:

Here are some examples of what you will find inside this helpful manual:

– How to charge the MacBook Air battery, And reduce the wear on your device’s battery and improve its lifespan.

– How you can use an external display with your MacBook Air.

Set up your MacBook Air:

  • Choose a country or region to set the language and time zone for your Mac.
  • Connect to a Wi-Fi network.
  • Transfer information: Transfer your data to your new MacBook Air.
  • How to sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Enable Siri and “Hey Siri” on your MacBook Air.
  • Set up the Apple Pay service.

– How to Back up and restore your MacBook Air safely (apps, accounts, preferences, music, photos, movies, and documents).

– Using your MacBook Air with other devices.

– How to use Apple services like Apple Pay, AirPlay, AirPrint, And AirDrop.

– Unlocking your MacBook Air and approving tasks with your Apple Watch.

– How to Access your iCloud content on your Mac.

– The Complete and detailed macOS User Guide.

– List of all the Apps included with the MacBook Air, And how to use them.

Common questions and answers about your MacBook Air:

  • How do I take a screenshot on my Mac?
  • Where is my serial number?
  • How do I know which model of MacBook Air I have?
  • How do I check my disk for problems?
  • What should I do before selling or trading in my Mac?
  • How do I reinstall macOS?

– A complete list of the Keyboard shortcuts on the MacBook Air.

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